Daniel Arriaga Character Art Director on an upcoming Pixar film. 

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Welcome! I believe that staying positive, humble and hungry are the keys to not only a successful career but more importantly a happy and blessed life (that and a lot of laughing). It's the way that I hope to be as an artist and as a person. I have always looked to others for inspiration and guidance which has helped me tremendously and I'm finally excited that I could help give back in a small way and share with the world my latest art, news and updates to hopefully return the favor. Have a look around and enjoy. Cheers!


"You didn't learn much in the university, did ya, DAD?  We're drawin' pictures in KINDERGARTEN!"                                                                                    -Hank Kethcham (Dennis The Mennace)

 Represented by Ellen Ann Mersereau, ESQ.


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Currently teaching at Schoolism